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North Brother Island  .  Far North

"In 1881, 25 men led by Adolphus Greely set sail from Newfoundland to Lady Franklin Bay in the high Arctic, where they planned to collect a wealth of scientific data from a vast area of the world’s surface that had been described as a "sheer blank." Three years later, only six survivors returned, with a daunting story of shipwreck, starvation, mutiny and cannibalism…"

Cotton Production in Pakistan

Photos taken by Asad Zaidi/Bloomberg (Oct. 23 - 24, 2013)

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Body-Hacker Implants Biometric Computer in Forearm

Tim Cannon, a biohacker nicknamed the DIY Cyborg, designed a device he called the Circadia 1.0 and had it inserted into his arm to allow him to monitor his bodily data.

The Circadia is basically a small computer that can record and transmit biometric data to any Android device. The device, which was built by Cannon with the help of Grindhouse Wetware, is open-source and allows the user to control how data is recorded and collected.

Cannon had the chip implanted into his arm by body modification enthusiasts instead of a doctor, since surgeons wouldn’t be allowed to implant anything that isn’t approved by medical authorities. The device is clearly visible under the skin and transmits data via Bluetooth or an internet connection.

In an article on Motherboard, Cannon shares his thoughts on biometric implants and shares his experience with the Circadia.

Kevin Van Aelst


Tonight I had to kick a homeless man out of the carport at work. We’ve had problems with people sleeping in the carport and also masturbating in the carport. The dog hotel isn’t in a bad neighborhood. It’s just located in an almost safe-zone for homeless people. It’s far enough away from where shit’s bad but close enough to where the cops won’t hassle you too much. In the past, when removing drifters from the carport, I’ve been unsympathetic. Severe even. Tonight though, when I got the call on the radio from the front desk that there was a man sleeping out there, I was in such a bad, self-loathing mood that I went with a different approach. I went to the break room and got my cigarettes first. I walked up to the guy and he was in a fluster. He was gathering his belongings and rolling up some foam bedding. It looked like he had just got comfortable. He had his shoes off and even had his phone plugged into the power outlet. I asked him if he smoked. He said yes. I told him I’d smoke a cigarette with him if he found another place to stay. He told me he knew the carport looked too good to be true with all the lights and the power outlet and the little nook by the side door. I told him it was a 24 hour facility and the dogs are going in and out of that door and it was for his safety that he couldn’t sleep there. This was a soft lie. The door he was sleeping next to is only in use during busy morning and early evening hours. We went out to the sidewalk and had our cigarettes. He told me about himself. His name is Cory. He was recently evicted. He’s 27. He’s been homeless for six months. He talked at some minor length about his experience being homeless. He was terse, didn’t blame anyone or anything for his situation, didn’t ask me for money. We just talked and smoked. I pointed out some areas nearby that might be okay to crash for the night. After fifteen minutes, the front desk person radioed me to ask if I was okay. Yes, we’re just talking. I gave him a cigarette for the road. He said thanks for not being a dick. I went back to work, upstairs where I was alone and back to my task of refilling water bowls and giving the dogs new beds. I started to weep. Not cry. There’s a difference.

「Stolen Childhoods」Burma. by Steve McCurry.

Fictitious Dishes, Famous Meals From Literature

by Dinah Fried

A Soda and a Cigarette, 1940s

A Soda and a Cigarette, 1940s

Fishing with John (Ep. 4, “In Maine, with Willem Dafoe”)

These are real men, doing real things…


Fishing with John was a 1991 television series conceived, directed by and starring actor and musician John Lurie, which earned a cult following. On the surface, the series resembles a standard travel or fishing show: in each episode, Lurie takes a famous guest on a fishing expedition. Since Lurie has no expert knowledge of fishing, the interest is in the interaction between Lurie and his guests, all of whom are his friends. Nothing particularly unusual actually happens, but the show is edited and narrated in a way to suggest that Lurie and his guest are involved in dramatic and even supernatural adventures.” - wikifishingwjohn

Ciutat Vella, Barcelona | Spain (by Carlos Gotay)

Take Me On The Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne vs. A-ha)

Tibet & NepalA. Henry Savage LandorLondon: A.C. Black, 1905.

Tibet & Nepal

A. Henry Savage Landor
London: A.C. Black, 1905.




A word that must have excited your mind in your childhood if you have lived it. 

This is The Mathematics Post’s first post and the team decided to zero in on spirals to give some amazing facts on it.  

Before we start lets first take a string and with regular intervals mark them with numbers and at the end it would look like this :

0_____1_____2_____3_____4….and so on . 


Number spirals are very simple. The string made earlier is now rolled up with zero at the centre.

Just arrange the spiral so all the perfect squares (1, 4, 9, 16, etc.) line up in a row on the right side and here we are: 

Spiral 2

The party of arrangement just began… 

With more and more deep details we would go deep to find amazing facts where we would see

arrangements of 

  • 1X0, 2X1,3X2,4X3….
  • 1 x 3, 2 x 4, 3 x 5…
  • 1 x 4, 2 x 5, 3 x 6, ….

This is just not it 

for more details read on : 

Just Amazing this was . Do tell us how much did You like it and keep shooting your mails for suggestions and critics. The Mathematics Post